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Giuliano Carnimeo (Anthony Ascott)

Giuliano Carnimeo, who died last saturday, September 10, aged  84, in Rome, is best known to large audiences for his Sartana movies starring Gianni Garko (three times) and George Hilton (once), but he was a very versatile director, active within genres as various as giallo, science fiction and erotic comedy (Commedia sexy all'italiana). Like most Italians working within the genre industry he chose an anglicized pseudonym: Anthony Ascott

Carnimeo took over the Sartana franchise from Giancarlo Parolini (who had invented the character) after Parolini had fallen out with producer Aldo Addobati; he pushed the series into a more satirical direction, turning Sartana into a Houdini-like illusionist, equipped with outlandish props and gadgets. In an obituary on an Italian website he was called l’inventatore del western comico, the inventor of the Italian western comedy style. In 1968, several years before Barboni scored his striking successes with the Trinity movies, Carnimeo had made the…